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We're passionate and excited about interior design & decorating. Whether you're decorating to STAY or staging to SELL, we help those who are less enthusiastic

We listen to our clients. Every project is different, every client is different, every budget is too. We take all those aspects and design a personalized plan that is tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Limelight Interiors guarantees that you will be thrilled with the results…our work isn’t finished until you are! We are dedicated to designing and decorating interiors that suit your personality, your lifestyle and your budget. Limelight Interiors is fully insured and, depending on the scope of your project, we collaborate with a team of registered and insured industry professionals who bring additional experience, energy and ideas to our projects. Our excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and you will have fun!

Our team

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Service Area

Our main service areas are within the municipality of Haldimand and regions of Niagara. Regardless of your geographic location, we are here to help. (Additional travel fees may apply)

Our History

Limelight Interiors was born out of an intense love of all things related to decorating and construction. Jackie Nordeman, (principal and designer), is detail oriented and an inherent perfectionist. At an early age, Jackie was greatly influenced by her parents who were always busy working on the family home. Jackie’s mother had a "thing" for rearranging furniture and decorating; while her father, an electrician by trade, spent many hours destructing and reconstructing their beloved fixer-upper. Jackie has always loved being in the thick of things and learned from her father that “If you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all!” From her mother, Jackie recognized how simply moving furniture could make a space feel new again. During her married life, Jackie and her family have moved several times. In each case, Jackie prepared the home for the real estate market with great results! Over 10 years ago Jackie, her husband and their 4 children, moved from their home-town of Burlington, Ontario to the little village of Byng in beautiful Haldimand County, Ontario. After raising the children with her husband and teaching in elementary school, Jackie could no longer resist the call to the world of decorating and design. Combined with an interest in real estate, Jackie realized that Limelight Interiors could benefit home owners wishing to sell their homes as well as those who wanted to stay and enjoy the transformations. The process of decorating and design is exhilarating and exciting for Jackie and her client’s reactions are the “icing on the cake”. Limelight Interiors has over 13 years of combined decorating and staging experience.

What our customers are saying…

  • Jackie is a visionary - she sees a space and her eyes light up. Her ideas are thought provoking and she gives you suggestions you may not even considered. She allows you to create your space so it is a reflection of you. Not only is she talented but she is like having your best friend design your space. She is down to earth, flexible, and her energy is contagious. She works at your pace and makes designing your space truly enjoyable. She is a gem in the decorating world! You will not be disappointed

    P & E Ewinger

    Binbrook, ON

  • I have worked with Jackie from Limelight Interiors on a number of occasions. She is the most prompt, dedicated and professional person I have ever met. She is always excited, happy and full of energy, great ideas and more ideas... We have renovated our kitchen, living room and master bedroom. Jackie had great ideas for, paint colors, flooring, blinds and much more. She also worked well with our construction renovator while I could do my own job and not have to worry about a thing. I definite recommend Jackie....I was stress free!

    A. Zwaagstra

    Smithville, ON

  • Jackie has great advice, taste and ideas. I had her come to give me flooring suggestion, room planning, lighting ideas and paint colour assistance. Not only was she very prepared, but we actually went on a field trip together to view flooring in a business that was very similar to what I decided to go with and she went to the flooring store with me and laid out many samples and suggestions. I have some mobility problems and she was very knowledgeable about making sure all the suggestions met those needs. Knowledgeable, friendly and she gets excited about your project. I would strongly recommend her if you are looking for honest, reasonable and professional service

    P. Pogson

    Dunnville, ON

  • We utilized Jackie’s expertise for the complete redesign of our dream kitchen. From the moment she stepped into our home we found ourselves completely at ease through her style, demeanor and professionalism. She has a keen eye and most importantly ear, that can easily identify the look and feel you are after. Combine this with a passion for the business and a tremendous personality and you have a designer that it a true pleasure to work with. We can’t wait to have her back for tea and more advice!”

    Mike and Pam O

    Mike and Pam O.

    Beamsville, ON

  • During my search for an interior designer, Limelight Interiors was highly recommended by a local retailer. On our first meeting I was impressed with Jackie’s professionalism, enthusiasm and approach to my interior design needs. Jackie was extremely organized and accommodating by gathering ideas from my current living style and incorporating furniture from my existing living space. Jackie worked extremely hard and provided a complete layout along with multiple options and price ranges for my review. During the process of reviewing furniture options, I had a sales person from a local furniture company advise me that I was very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and detailed person helping me with my interior needs. She was correct! Jackie was very flexible and worked around my schedule and budget. Once completed, I was extremely impressed on how she pulled everything together and made it feel like home. Jackie’s vision was more than I could have imaged and I have received numerous compliments from friends and family. If you’re looking for a professional, knowledgeable and hard working interior designer, then I highly recommend Jackie Nordeman as she far exceeded my expectation.

    Mr. Andrew C.


  • I used Limelight Design several times. I found Jackie to be a great listener for the end result I was looking for. After measuring the sizes of areas, she knew exactly what to put where. I was staging an empty house, for selling, at the time. The final look was fashionable, beautiful, elegant and cost effective. We received many compliments. The realtor ad used pictures from the staging of the house. The house soon sold as clients could see the possibilities. We also used Limelight for rearranging our own house and adding articles in various places. I look forward to using them again. I highly recommend their expertise.


    Burlington, ON

  • My living room was in desperate need of a makeover. I was looking for local interior designers on Houzz and found Limelight Interiors. From the moment Jackie came into my home I was sure I made the right choice. Jackie quickly assessed the area and came up with many suggestions for improvements to the living room. Within a few days I had three different room plans to choose from. Jackie provided detailed descriptions of suggested furnishings and accessories for the room along with photos of suggested items. I do not have any decorating skills, but Jackie has given me the tools to move forward and I am excited to see what the finish product looks like.

    Sandi Hopkins

    Sandi Hopkins

    Welland, ON

  • Thank you Jackie for all your help with our new home. I was overwhelmed when we moved in and wasn't sure where to start. You took the time and patience to direct me to the right shops, to find the things I needed. With your direction I knew which items to find first and build on that. We are very happy with the results and our living/dining room are a place we are proud of and love to spend time in there. Thanks again.

    S & B Campbell

    Lowbanks, ON

  • Jackie took an empty house that was for sale and made it shine. I was truly impressed with her work and attitude and professionalism, and she kept cost of any new items reasonable

    Marlene Verduyn

    Burlington, ON

  • We have had the pleasure to supply furnishings on several of Jackie's projects and the feedback we have received from her clients has been very positive. She has a keen eye for detail, layout and colour selection. I would highly recommend her services.

    Mike Laverty Owner of Laverty's Home Furnishings

    Laverty's Home Furnishings

    Dunnville, ON

  • I love my powder room! I'm going to get hemorrhoids from sitting in there enjoying the room :)

    Barb C.


  • I have lots of ideas and am fairly creative and confident in decorating but the window coverings in my kitchen and hallways were getting to me. What to do with them had me stumped. I had ideas in my head, but was too scared to go ahead as thousands of options were available it was hard to choose. Jackie helped me narrow down the choices, measured everything, offered fabric choices, etc. All I had to do was order it and that part took me 5 minutes! My new window coverings offer great protection from the sun in summer ( very important, since our tree came down), and just the right amount of privacy, plus they look great and give our century home a little touch of modern!

    The front of our house was lacking 'curb appeal', our steps and door seemed a hundred years old, but being a side door with little room to move made things a challenge. Jackie offerred a number of different options and showed photos. We had the work done ourselves and it looks a million times better! Thanks Jackie!

    Anne J.


  • After 6 years of living in our colourless home, I knew I had to stop waffling between colour choices and room arrangements. I love to walk into a room and say ahh, to just sink into the couch and feel at home. But that just wasn’t happening for me. In fact I avoided the use of our front room just because of the atmosphere and even worse- the adjacent dining room which I was terribly dissatisfied with. I had experimented with different colour choices but even after raiding the local paint store of many chips, I just couldn’t commit myself to any particular colour. Enter Jackie Nordeman. Finally someone whom I could trust to make good colour choices. I wanted something different- a change from the carpenter beige that seemed to have taken up permanent residence in every room of my house. Not only was she able to get me to narrow down my colours, (an insurmountable task by itself)- she was able to incorporate the barn red couch from the living room as well. Talk about a tall order. She directed me to a lovely * blue (Benjamin Moore "azores" AF-495) which made the couch pop and gave the room some zing. I would never have even thought of the colour if Jackie hadn’t shown me how it could work. Moving on to the dining room- we settled on a great *sparrow grey (Benjamin Moore "sparrow" AF 720) It worked with the joining living room and created a wonderful flow between the two rooms. I have had sooooo many compliments on the colour choices, even the hot water heater repairmen, paused to tell me how much he loved my colour choices. (Smart Man). Jackie pointed out how to arrange the furniture, hang the curtains and place lighting fixtures so that the rooms were well appointed. I am just so pleased with how it all turned out. Now I can sink into the couch and feel at home. Aaah. I am so grateful Jackie, I love everything you suggested and I couldn’t have done it without you! Definitely recommending you!”

    Mrs. J. Tomlin


  • I am a hoarder. I'm not as bad as they are on tv (yet) but I identify so much it scares me. Finally, thank goodness, my downward spiral appears to have lifted, and I found myself practically screaming for someone, ANYONE to come and help me dig out of the messy hole we called a house.

    Wow. Wow wow wow. I haven't much to say except W-O-W.

    Jackie came into my home, spent some time just getting to know ME and letting me babble about the chaos in each area. We sat and went through the business stuff, and then got to work. Jackie was unbelievable. And as horrified as I was to find out how much worse the house was underneath all the clutter, Jackie was able to focus everyone's energy away from my initial embarrassment at the filth and just clean it all up. It was FABULOUS. She was encouraging when I got stuck on minute details, helped me focus and recognize the value or lack thereof in various items. She even came armed with bags full of dollar-store baskets & goodies to organize drawers, shelves, pantry items...

    I cannot recommend Jackie's services highly enough. She operates in a very professional, and yet is able to make you feel comfortable and at ease with the process. One MIGHT even say we found ourselves having fun as the project progressed!

    Thank you EVER so much, Jackie, for giving us a day with you. What a blessing and what a DIFFERENCE it has made. The sheer pleasure I get from daily preparing meals for my family on CLEAR kitchen surfaces never goes unnoticed. You're a lifesaver.

    Thanks again, a million times over. Rebecca St. Catharines, ON


    St. Catharines

  • I am writing to outline my experience with the organizational assistance of Jackie Nordeman. Jackie offered her assistance to my daughter, who has been struggling with getting her home in order. Jackie became aware of her struggle, and kindly offered her assistance. My daughter, asked me to participate in the opportunity as she was anxious about having someone come to her home, and we both figured an extra set of hands could be of some help. When I arrived, Jackie had already had an opportunity to meet with my daughter and she seemed to have put her totally at ease. It was decided that the task for the day would be to organize the kitchen. I offered to do whatever was needed, and we all set off to tackle the kitchen. Rather than go on with the minute details of the task, let me just say, it was a fun day. The adage two’s company, three’s a crowd, did not apply here. We all worked well together, and my daughter, who sometimes got overwhelmed with all the items she needed to sort through was treated with compassion and understanding by Jackie. It was amazing how much we accomplished, and at the end of the day how organized and clean my daughter’s kitchen was. Jackie shared hints and ideas for her to consider throughout the exercise, which my daughter greatly appreciated. When we finished, we were all tired, but the kitchen looked fabulous. My daughter’s kitchen is tiny with very limited counter space, but using Jackie’s helpful hints and organization ideas the counters looked spacious and there is more than ample work surface. My daughter appreciates having the space to work in! Since her visit, the kitchen has stayed pretty much the same. There have been a few little tweeks, as my daughter gets comfortable in her newly organized kitchen, but she has stated to me many times how much she loves her kitchen now and how much easier it is to find things and prepare her family’s meals. As for myself, I greatly appreciate Jackie’s assistance. It was fun to help and accomplish as much as we did. I also appreciate that Jackie’s professionalism assisted my daughter in sorting out all of her kitchen items in a kind, respectful manner. I would never hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone who is looking to get organized. Thank you Jackie for your assistance with “The Kitchen”. Sincerely, Mary C., Stevensville, ON

    Mrs. Mary C.


  • Thank-you, Jackie, from Limelight Interiors, for the inspiring help you were when we put our house up for sale. Our main living areas had become cluttered with furniture and knick-knacks. We were used to it that way but a prospective buyer had the impression that the rooms were small and drab. Your suggestions on how to re-arrange and remove some furniture and bring in simple but modern accessories, gave our home a wonderful facelift! Prospective buyers were impressed when they walked in the door! Our home seemed inviting and spacious, while retaining it’s warm and cozy character. We appreciated your professional skills and felt inspired by your positive and motivating attitude! We didn’t need to spend a lot of money on renovations or new furniture. You were able to do wonders with much of what we had. We are sure that the quick sale of our home is an indication of the success of your work and we would recommend you to anyone who is planning to sell their home or anyone interested in giving their home a rejuvenating “facelift”! We wish you much success! H & J van B., Haldimand, ON

    Mr. and Mrs. H. and J. vanB


  • Dear Jackie! thanks so much for what you did for our office. It used to be a dumping station that also housed huge old messy desks with too many computers and cords.

    I love the floor plan that we came up with and it was great to be able to visualize it with your software before making the commitment.

    I also appreciate all the work you did for us with the contractor, Bert Vis Flooring. It was nice to be able to leave that up to you. We are so glad that they installed their floor and the "kitchen counter". A perfect installation and so professionally finished.

    Thanks for the encouragement to getting organized - I'm sure the recycle truck was shocked! It's amazing how nice it is to work in the office now. It's a pleasure to pull up a chair and be able to get right to work without digging through paper to find a spot. We don't waste time looking for stuff anymore - everything has a spot.

    Thanks for coming up with such a comfortable colour scheme. You managed to find colours that suit us perfectly. The final touches with window treatment and special decorative items absolutely polished the room in a business-like but warm atmosphere that we are thrilled with.

    We appreciate the extra work you put into keeping things inexpensive by re-using as much as we could and by keeping purchases low cost.

    We will be proud to invite clientelle into our office now.

    It's obvious that this is work that you love to do and I hope that Limelight Interiors keeps you happy doing what you do best.

    Wayne & Jane O., Haldimand, ON

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Jane O.