Each individual has a desire to decorate their home to make it feel more luxurious. The end result can create an feeling of attachment, belonging, and peace of mind. While decorating one’s home, people tend to focus most on the living rooms and the bedrooms. After that, the kitchen gets its makeover, and in the end, the bathroom gets ignored.

In this article – courtesy of bathroom fitters  – I will be discussing some of the best bathroom design and installation tips for 2020. It is sure to make you spend much more time than usual in your bathroom in the mornings.

Best bathroom design and installation tips for 2020

  • Use bold colors: It is time that people stopped making their bathroom look boring. Grab the opportunity and start this trend by splashing colors within the accessories you keep in the washrooms. Keep colorful towels with blue, yellow, or red colors. These colors provide a catchy eye accent against white or black backgrounds. If you want to go wild, you can try different colored tiles and floor mats. For more in-depth information on color schemes, please visit 99designs
  • Opt for freestanding bathtubs: Freestanding bathtubs offer a modern and unique look to your bathroom. They do not depend on a corner of your bathroom. Therefore, you can keep it anywhere you want. Furthermore, it lets you lavishly decorate all the walls and gives a feeling of openness while you bathe.
  • Install waterfalls in your bathroom: Not literally, of course! You can certainly get the feel of being close to nature by getting waterfall showers for your bathroom. These used to be much costlier in the days, but now they come in many affordable variants as well.
  • Accented modern lighting solutions: The old hanging dome lights and LED lamps to look really old school and out of place in a bathroom with a modern and minimal design. Try and opt for newer accented modular lights. The accents will give a nice color tone to your bathroom, and the actual light source will be hidden while the ambient light fills up space. It will provide a modern and relaxing mood for your ‘me-time.
  • Try and choose Matte: Glossy colors have enjoyed their time in the past but now are overrun by matte shades. If you already have a glossy white or crème finish on the tiles of your bathroom, try to match them with matte black accessories. You could opt for matte black tiles with bamboo accessories as well.

Concluding this article, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Make your bathroom as empty and as open as possible, fill it with natural light and make it modular using hidden cabinets. A spacious and well-lit bathroom will make your bathroom experiences much more relaxing.