Interior designing has become a highly active topic nowadays. People are venturing into both growing and hiring interior designers to carve their dream home properly. Two terms have popped up along the way – interior designers and interior decorators.


We use the two terms interchangeably to denote the same thing, but that is not the case. Both of them are individual professions that are different from each other. The confusion starts because, most of the time, an interior designer is also an interior decorator. In this article, we will break down both the professions and bring an end to the interior designer vs. interior decorator confusion. 


Who is an interior designer? 


An interior designer is a person who works alongside an architect to plan out the interior space of a house. First of all, the architect will plan out the area and divisions upon which the designer will decide the walls and floors. The entire spacing, window placing, ceiling choices, floor choices are in the hands of an interior designer. Furthermore, they also plan out the position of different rooms and walkways to provide the client with an efficient living space. 


Who is an interior decorator?


As the name suggests, an interior decorator decorates the place, which is the joint efforts of the architect and the interior designer. You cannot call some walls and walkways a home. Therefore it’s the job of the interior decorator to splash some colors and bring some lights within those walls to make a place liveable. From the color on the walls to the choice of furniture and curtains, everything is handled by the interior decorator. 


Can an interior decorator and an interior designer be the same?


As a profession, both of them are absolutely different, but they can be the exact same as a person. A person can be an interior designer and an interior decorator at the same time. Furthermore, even if they are different persons, they need to work together so that things fall into place. One such example is while creating modular spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. 


In the end, you need to be careful about which title is being given to whom. Both are equally important while your happy place is being built. One person will bring up the structure, and the other person will fill it up with colors and add utility to different spaces.

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